EUROSIDER®s patented NITROTHERM® SPRAY, system is a revolution in coating application technology. By introducing fundamental principles and application control, unavailable with normal compressed air, NITROTHERM® SPRAY gives users unprecedented control over, and results from, the coating process. more>>

BASLAC – Baslac offers a complete range of quality refinishing products at a cost effective price, all backed by the assurance of BASF, a leading global manufacturer. Baslac offers quality 2pack coating, 2pack basecoat backed up by a complete colour support package including both global and local colour swatches.

HB BODY – HB BODY S.A. was established in 1982 with the aim to produce and distribute high quality products for the automotive refinishing industry. HB BODY exports to 71 Countries around the world & offers a waterbased paint system, and full range of clears, primers, bodyfillers, stoneguards at competitive prices. For more details visit

SMIRDEX – Smirdex is one of the leading manufacturing companies of coated abrasives in South-Eastern Europe. Their major goal is to encounter the evolving needs of modern professionals and therefore constantly invest in research and development. Smirdex export to 50 countries around the world & offers a large range of Velcro & non Velcro Sandpapers & Abrasives.

FARECLA – Founded in 1952, Farécla is a world-class manufacturer & supplier of cutting compounds, polishes & buff pads.

PLIO GRIP by Valvoline – is a complete body repair & bonding system specifically engineered for the bodyshop to provide better workability, reducing repair times and superior structural strength.

Teroson is the choice of vehicle OE manufacturers around the world. Teroson offers a complete selection of adhesive for bonding of panels & vehicle components.

TRANSTAR – Transtar products include adhesives, sealants & specialty coatings.

SIKA – Sika manufacture a great range of sealers and adhesives

ROAR – The company was conceived by a group of talents who have over 30 years experience within car refinish, automotive and composite finishing industries..

LORD FUSOR – LORD Fusor® Automotive Aftermarket Products are rapidly improving work times, turn-around times and overall quality in the collision repair industry. The Fusor line includes adhesives for bonding metals and plastics, and for applications requiring seam sealers and acoustical foams.

SATA – Sata are a market leader providing a wide range of well engineered spray guns for body shops. Conventional & HVLP guns to suit your needs.

RUPES – Rupes manufacture a fantastic range of sanders and polishers, Mobile Dust Extraction stations or over head drops. Rupes have a range of equipment to suit your industry

SUNDSTROM – For all your respiratory equipment for automotive, industrial and marine, use Sundström. They have a mask for all your requirements

ANEST IWATA – Iwata provide all types of professional spray equipment for all Industrial, Marine & Automotive and the AIR BRUSH enthusist. For a complete range of Air brush equipment including Stencils, Books, Video’s, AIR Brush Guns and Compressors, come in and speak to our team. We also acess a full range of Airless Sprayers, Air Fed Hoods, full range of premium Gravity fed spray guns.

PACER – Pacer is the exclusive importer of Malco and Presta brands, all quality products with a great selection to meet individual work styles. Their product range consist’s of Malco and Presta branded cleaners, degreaser, polishes, waxes and compounds.